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General Information on Station Furnishers Lay-bye Facilities ​

  • Lay-byes are strictly in USD (United States Dollars). 

  •  lay-bye period is over 3 months. 

  • Lay-byes have no interest or fees. 

  • Deposit down on lay-bye is 20% of the total product selling price. 

  • You will collect your product from any of our stores closest to you after your total balance on the product has been paid. 

  • To start a layby, please get in touch with our nearest branch/store or visit us in-store. 

Terms & Conditions on Laybyes. 

  • Lay-byes do not have interest charges. The only way the price on a lay-bye will change is if our suppliers have drastic price increases or if there is a world pandemic i.e., COVID-19 where the cost of basic goods goes up around the world due to global supply chain issues. 

  • Lay-byes on promotional products i.e., products on sale will have a shorter payback period. This applies to all promotional products. On Capri and Treger's products that are on special/discounted the lay bye must be fully paid for by the end of the promotional period. 

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